Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moon slivers

We are sky gazers, Rick, J and myself, constantly aware of the celestial shows that prove the ephemeral reality of life.

Rick has been known to rush into the house to grab me to come see the sunset. We will run around the village to see it from different points of view before it disappears forever.

On a trip across the Mont Blanc bridge, a traffic halt allowed J. to immortalize a rainbow.

Last night as I was crawling into bed J called me to come look.

Out her balcony was a burnt orange moon sliver. The lights of the village on the opposite side of the lake shown below and a single star was above. This could never be captured in its magnificence of the moment, but only in memories.

Sunrise, sunset, moons, clouds and rainbows give us an ongoing reminder of what is beautiful and what an infinitesimal part we play in the universe. 

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