Wednesday, April 01, 2015

What did they say again

Pink Rabbit: Howdy!

Blue Rabbit: Howdy!

Herr Hare: Bonjour!

Hunny Bunny: Bonjour! (whisper to HH) Qui sont-ils?

Herr Hare: Aucune idée.

Blue Rabbit: We just flew in from Texas. Glad to meet y'all?

Herr Hare: Y'all? Je ne comprends pas un mot de ce qu'ils disent. Ce est comme ils ont marbres dans leur bouche.

Hunny Bunny: Bienvenue chez nous. Welcome. Herr, we better switch to English, I think that's what they are speaking.

Pink Rabbit: Kinda like this place. We could be mighty comfortable here. Heard y'all have a lot of fun from that darn dawg, Scooby. What a guy.

Herr Hare: Oh, Oh,  Nous devons conseiller Petite Cougar tout de suite


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