Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter Carols

Easter in Argelès is filled with people of all nationalities taking advantage of the 3-4 day holiday weekend, depending on which country they come from. The streets are full of Danish, German, Swiss-German, English-English, Irish-English, Swedish and Dutch words along with the French, Spanish and Catalan.

Easter weekend is also when the village is full of singers, in native dress including the red wool bag-like Barretina, that was worn almost daily until the 19th century. Now Catalan men wear it for ceremonial and patrimonial occasions. The women are in their white lace caps, skirts and shoes.

They go from place to place singing, what I call Easter Carols, but that is my term, not theirs. The first time I heard it was in the late 80s and I was here with my beloved stepmom and daughter. We heard the music and rushed out to see and listen.

The director lost his music to the wind and the listeners returned it to him. A listener held it for him. But not a note was missed.

A villager was able to watch and listen from his second (American) and first (European) window.

Goodies are handed out from a basket draped in the Catalan flag colors.

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