Monday, April 27, 2015

Breaking News

 B R E A K I N G   N E W S !


BOSTON, MA--A French drone, targeting Mohammed al-Sheik, a leader of a terrorist cell determined to attack the Paris subway, hit the Roxbury Crossing area of Boston, early Monday Morning.

The quiet neighborhood, shown before the attack was totally demolished.

The street is made up mainly of renovated houses and apartments.

It is estimated that some 15 people were killed in the strike. Because it was after the working day started the death count was lower than it might have been at night.

James Atkinson, a student at Harvard Medical School, located across the intersection of Huntington Avenue, was dissecting a cadaver when the explosion knocked out  windows and rattled the building. His wife and three-month old baby were at home at number 12.

French President François Holland issued this statement, "The loss of life is always regrettable, but we had strong intelligence of al-Sheik's location and plans. We must fight terrorism abroad not on the streets of Paris, Toulouse or Marseille."

The President will brief the nation at 2 pm. Senator John McCain has called for immediate retaliatory attacks against France.

Naturally this is NOT a true news story for this neighborhood, but since 2008 this story has been true for neighborhoods all over the world, but not from French Drones, but US Drones. For a complete list until 2013 of US Drone Strikes against countries where the US is not at war 



You scared the shit out of me as my daughter is near there.
These attacks are horrible no matter who carries them out. Just didn't think this was necessary to prove a point.

DL NELSON said...

I understand Barb, but so many Americans don't care what their government is doing. It is only American lives that count and preferably white lives. I am really, really sorry to scare you. My daughter lives near Boston too.


We all have free speech and I believe we need to express our feelings for or against our government. I would have had no issue with the headlines being what America is doing to other country via drones and giving statistics. Boston has suffered so much in the last few years. I understand you were going for the juglar and you hit it, but to put it as breaking news I had to stop reading to check the news both on internet and tv to see how close my daughter, her husband and four children were to the hit area.