Monday, May 04, 2015

52 week saving plan a small glitch

This week's goal is to use leftovers before buying new food.

Rick and I alternate cooking days. He is quick to suggest a restaurant on his days, joking that he is "cooking" Chinese, Italian, or French depending on our destination restaurant or bistro. I'm happy to go along with it because that means I don't have to clean up, but it is far from frugal.

When I lived alone I would cook two meals, say a curry and a pasta and alternate for the next few days using every scrap of food just adding salad stuff or a veggie.

Rick is far less apt to use any left overs for his second meal, so we do waste food and waste money.

Even when we do cook as he says, it's sorta like cave man days when we wander down the street and go "foraging" for food although not quite like the cavemen of yesteryear.

All it takes for us to smell the fresh baked bread from the bakery or all the fresh veggies and fruits from Chez Elisabeth's to buy more than we need. Especially when things like asparagus or cherries are in season and come from the surrounding countryside.

My goal this week is to have both of us look in the frigo before we make any cooking attempts. Of course, if Rick wants to "cook" Bartavelle on Wednesday, that's fine...

52 week savings challenge.

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