Thursday, May 14, 2015

I love my gall stones

For years now I've had esophagus attacks, or so I thought. I'd be perfectly happy then end up writhing in pain, terrifying those who hadn't watched me do this previously, and a "she'll get over it, let's make her comfortable" attitude with those who saw it all too often.

Some attacks lasted a few minutes, others like last month left me in great pain over a weekend.

This week an endoscopy showed nothing.

Today at a routine gynie exam I mentioned it in passing to my doctor. Within minutes he had his colleague running an instrument over the area.

Seems there's gallstones setting up home in my gall bladder. "That should be your problem," he told me in French. One is rock and there are little pebbles as well

With my imagination of cancer and other causes, gall stones sound pretty, pretty good.

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