Monday, May 04, 2015

Watch out flies

We are definitely heading into summer.

How can I tell?

By the number of flies that didn't get the message. Rick is one of the world's greatest killer of flies. He has a method that is 98% accurate on the first go, 2% on the second.

I've often wondered why flies buzz at a volume that almost drowns out a television on normal volume.

A search of the internet brought one answer -- it is the flapping on their wings and the thicker the wing, the louder the buzz.

When I hear a loud fly I am NOT about to measure its wing thickness. Like yesterday, when one of those annoying creatures was swooping around the room I called Rick to dispatch it.

He did, but later reported for some reason its sad corpse would not be flushed until repeated attempts were made.

It may be a long, noisy summer.

Meanwhile if I could write in fly, I would warn them to go buzz someplace else.

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