Saturday, May 02, 2015

Book sharing

As a writer I love when someone buys one of my novels not only because I get a royalty, I also love when someone reads one whether he or she likes or it not. Of course, it's best when someone both buys it and loves it.

Writing a novel is like preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. Hours and days of work to have it read in a tiny, tiny portion of the time it took to write it.

My housemate and I are both reading addicts. Although we have different tastes in books, there's much overlap.

There are certain writers that we always share. Jodi Picoult is one of them. Her genre is misery lit, but that doesn't stop us from reading her.

I found a copy of  Nineteen Minutes at the library sale of used books. Sorry Jodi that you don't get a royalty.

I didn't have time to finish it before I left Geneva. I finished it a half hour after getting to Argel├Ęs. It is now in my suitcase for the return trip in early May.

Hope it likes all that traveling. I know my housemate will enjoy reading it.

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