Saturday, May 23, 2015

Touching history again

Driving Geneva-Argelés via autoroute can be pretty routine even with regular stops for a bite to eat, potty and a leg-stretch. Many of the stops have good restaurants, places to picnic and of course, shops to buy snacks and souvenirs.

Rick and I decided, to get off for one of our breaks and investigate Nîmes as a change. As history buffs, we were well rewarded.

Although people have lived in the region since prehistoric times Nîmes was also a Roman colony from about 28 BC on with about 60,000 residents. Much of the construction still exists today including its arena. Today, it is still used, although I have little desire to witness a bullfight.

"I can't believe something 20 centuries old, is still standing," he said.

We admired the different sculptures, like this part of a fountain above.

We're told we were told old to ride the carousel.

Admired the posters but not the reason.

Ate ice cream that we watched made from the fruits and cream that we selected (mine were bananas, mangoes and vanilla cream).

Wandered through a marché.

The Visigoths who overthrew the Romans, did not leave as much of a mark on the city and they in turn were overthrown by the Muslims in 725 A.D. with another turnover power a couple of decades later followed by this or that invasion until today, when it is a peaceful city.

Nîmes is close enough to Argelès for either a day trip or an overnighter so we can take more time and check out the museums, explore what's left of the ancient gates and just revel in the combination of past and present.

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Angela said...

Lovely post and photos. Have you been to Orange? You d like it