Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zimbabwe: Why I love Geneva

Growing up in Reading, MA there wasn't much chance to meet "foreigners". Oh yes, the fire chief of Reading, England visited. Each year there was one exchange student. And there was the Belgian war bride.

That was it.

Foreigner almost meant coming from New Hampshire or Maine in my household.

That Geneva is about 49% foreign provides a much more open exchange.

Today, while waiting for the bus, the woman next to me and I started chatting. All my family is infected with the disease of talking to strangers no matter where.

She was from Zimbabwe and said this cool Genevan day was like there winter. We talked about English being the main language, but the tribal dialects and who could understand whom. 

The bus came all too quickly.

Moments shared like this is reason 35,690,11 why I love living here and another reason I love being a Third Culture Adult.

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