Monday, May 18, 2015

youtube: more than music

I woke with sore muscles.

From exercise?

Nope, watching George Carlin on youtubes dissect the language used on an all airlines for boarding, safety and deplaning.

There is also an Actor Studio with Carlin.

Although I love listening to Garou, il Divo, Leonard Cohen and many other musicians, I've also discovered that I can learn Algebra, or relearn. It did take me two tries to pass Algebra 1 although I aced it the second time.

1xy  + 2xy = 3xy

I will never really cared what X and Y are. Still don't. About the only math I ever liked was geometry because you used words in theorems. 

Youtube has taught me more about Excel than I need to know, and a couple of things about Word that have been more than helpful.

I've been able to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie, a wonderful Canadian series about a mosque operating in a small Saskatchewan town, reminiscent a bit of Northern Exposure.

And there are wonderful documentaries about
  • Vikings
  • Medieval manuscripts to supplement my own line course
  • A dark Swiss Secret
  • DNA
  • Anything one can imagine 

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