Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Climb every mountain

How many mountains have I climbed in my life metaphorically speaking?
  • Convincing my mother to live at university.
  • Eloping, a highly timed exercise, where I had to beg the town clerk not to call my mother immediately, giving us time to sneak across the street where the minister was waiting.
  • Living as an Army wife without enough money to guarantee food at the end of the month.
  • Falling in love with Europe only to have to move back to the States.
  • Fighting my way through university despite a husband who was against it.
  • Being left with a few weeks old daughter.
  • Raising my daughter to adulthood, not entirely alone thanks to a strong support system and having her as a woman I not only love but respect with every atom in my body.
  • Breaking out of the secretary mold to develop a career that supported my daughter and myself comfortably.
  • Moving to Europe with a job, a real job that allowed me to live comfortably.
  • Learning French, a battle royal that will go on for the rest of my love
  • Cancer
In the photo on the other side of the mountain is Spain. In my life the path, the climb and the arrival all were experiences I wouldn't want to eliminate.

That path had flowers, beautiful trees, interesting rocks. There were times I knew the mountain was there but I wasn't sure how to reach the top, but each time I did.

The journey on that path was wonderful even in the most trying times. It was my life.

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