Sunday, May 31, 2015

His first pancakes

A sexy woman's voice was coming from the kitchen as I was turning my hair natural red, thanks to Oréal 66.6 (no comments on the three sixes, please). "For fluffy pancakes . . ." she said with a breathy tone.


Rick and I alternate cooking, although he is still learning, and I've not only had decades of preparing food, I went to a chef's school for six months. everything he has attempted so far, has been good. Sunday morning breakfasts are one his designated meals.

He mentioned pancakes before we were up and still reading.

I said wonderful.

He said he didn't know how to make them.

", recipe pancakes." I put my novel aside and got up to search for the old clothes to wear while getting rid of my white and brown roots.

By the time I was once again a natural redhead, a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, juice and tea was set up on our patio, beautifully presented and delicious to eat.

So glad I married that man.

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