Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Witches

Loose translation: In Catalonia, witches in front of a door or window protects the house.

According to an artist in Ceret, witches aren't bad, but good. Position a picture of a witch or a witch doll at your front door and she'll protect your house, she said as we walked into her studio.

All her art work, paintings, sculpture and dolls had a witch theme.

Witches, however,  have had a bad rap through history with thousands and thousands being burned in the Middle Ages. Usually they were old women or those who practiced healing. 

Witchcraft is having a comeback through the practice of the Wiccan religion. 

My university friend who is visiting was so entranced with one of the dolls, was tempted to buy one. She didn't give in, only out of the room-in-suitcase issue.

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