Thursday, May 07, 2015

Dear NSA

Dear NSA,

I read on Intercept that you can now convert voice into text over phones lines and so every phone conversation I make or anyone makes can be in your files.

You won't be getting much for me.

Rick bought me a smart phone a couple of years ago. I put in some phone numbers and then never used it. I won't give the number out. In fact I don't know where it is and I care less.
You know I have a dumb phone. I don't give that number out either except to Rick and J. I will put it on every couple of months if I have to check to see if J wants me to pick up sushi on my way home. Maybe, Dear NSA, you think that is some kind of code. Right now, I'm not even sure where it is either.

As for my landline in France, there's not even a phone attached in the nest. In the warren, Rick uses it for business. In Geneva I'll take messages for other people.

I don't do telephones. You'll have to continue spying on me with my webcam, Skype, tablet and email.

If my life gets interesting, let me know. Just don't telephone me.

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