Sunday, March 08, 2015

I love a parade

I love a parade but I didn't expect to be in one today, but I was.

Rick's duelling blog is here.

The Mamie (one of our native Catalan women who is always in an apron. Despite looking like a bag lady and lack of education, she's a writer, photographer and has a snazzy white cell telephone). She waved to us to hop on the little train that was part of the Carnival we did.

 Children marching across the river to get to the carnival.
 Costumes were fun.

 Rick and I covered in confetti. We wished we'd bought some but we were able to gather enough to throw back.
The best part...

The kids faces as they watched the floats. Some costumes were homemade, others bought, which makes the man at the party store happy. He said that he has sold over 1200 this year.

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