Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Good Wife Festival

My housemate J. is down from Geneva for a week. We get along incredibly well sharing some things, going off on our own for others no matter where we are in the world. We've been thru three of the DVDs already.

The week will include good food at home and out, café sits, a film on Iceland that will let us relive that wonderful holiday we shared, writing exercises with a friend, seeing other mutual friends, marché ambles, walks, etc.

But the best part is our own private Good Wife festival. For years we've gotten into DVD series to watch at the end of the day. It was many, many months ago that we finished a season. J. ordered the next season but between our travels, we've never been able to see it together.

So, Thursday night she arrived complete with the last season out.

Last night, we were ready helped by snacks of foix gras, local cheeses and champagne. Nibbles are a part of our DVD nights, although they can include shrimp, popcorn, veggies with or without hummus, crackers, nuts, flutes, soup or whatever seems right at the moment. 

The couch was comfortable, the DVD worked (we have a multi-zone which are almost impossible to get) and we caught up on Alicia, Will, Diane, etc.

More fun and DVDs to come over the next few days with or without champagne.

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