Friday, February 21, 2014

Andorra secret mission

 Rick prepares for our secret mission to the country of Andorra.

"TA TA!"

Just as we drove out of town, Scooby II jumped out of my pocketbook. SinceAndorra is about a three hour drive from Argelès, we decided not to take him back home.

Meanwhile back in Argelès, Petite Cougar was frantic. She, Herr Hare and Honey Bunny had looked everywhere for Scoob. They started to call the police, but then they remembered, they didn't know the number and they couldn't speak French.

 We made a stop and that bad puppy jumped from the car to look closer at the wine press.

Me: Scoob, get back in the car.

Scooby II: What's a beer bottle doing on this wine press?

Me: Scoob get back in the car now or we'll leave you.

He came, but reluctantly.
The scenery was incredible.

Sccooby II: I never saw snow before. Can I play in it, hun hun hun hun hun?

Me: No.

At the restaurant I forced Scoob to call his mother. I knew she'd be worried sick. Although she was relieved, she was furious with her son.

Scoob II shared both our lunches. None of us had ever seen ice cream with a maple syrup sauce served on the same plate with the main course, which was duck in an orange sauce, baked potato and asparagus--but it was all delicious.
Outside the restaurant window we could see the skiers.

While we were trying to get some things done, Scoob made friends outside where we were.

When we arrived home, the other animals were determined that Scoob needed a good paddling. They said that they don't usually believe in spanking, but leaving without telling them was inexcusable.  The sin was too great for a time out. The bunnies held him down while his mother applied the spoon. He was mumbling about calling the French Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, but we told him we would testify for his mother. Next time ASK.

To see the beautiful scenery

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