Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I became a grandmother in my dreams last night. The only problem was my daughter gave birth to 4 kittens looking much like a younger version of Spike (seen above). I know she wants a cat but I imagine that she will get one the traditional way, from a friend, through a shelter or find a stray on the street.

The night before I dreamed I went with my housemate to our most frequented restaurant Marro. Antonio, the manager, who in real life greets us often with hugs and kisses, had lobbed off his curls for a crew cut and died his hair about the colour of Spike. Part of the restaurant had been shut off because they were closing and no one waited on us (in reality usually all the wait staff stop by our table to say hello). J read a paper, I had a book until they locked up...however, no tea which was what we wanted.

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