Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why I love him

It isn't that he gives me welcome home flowers that have lasted two weeks, although these are well appreciated and enjoyed.

It's that he does things like in the photo.

I looked at it and thought he was being artistic. I wondered why there were two little stars on the bottom left hand corner. You have to click on the photo to make it bigger to see them.

He explained, that the blanket was shaped as like Malta as best a red blanket can be, where I'm going next week. This was the holy grail my housemate and I promised ourselves when we were both dealing with final illnesses long distances of people we loved. We promised ourselves something special when peace happened to their souls and to our hearts. There were days when we'd stomp through a room chanting "Malta, Malta, Malta" because we felt helpless, sad and frustrated.

Or "Malta, Malta, Malta," would be written on the bottom of a Skype or an email as we shared something painful or frustrating.
So the 26th of Mar. we are finally heading for Malta...

The two little stars, I asked him.

"That's you and Julia having a wonderful time."

We will. We will come up with a new special destination for a next adventure not associated with pain but because we can do it and enjoy it and share it.

We are lucky women that we have people in our lives that get so excited about things that mean so much to us even when they are not part of it.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Oh Wow! That is fantastic and gives me hope! I Will Live in Switzerland one day! I will!

Expatriate Tax Services said...

Haha he's so sweet!