Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The photo has nothing to do with the blog

I just thought that the lettuce looked so pretty, that I asked Rick to snap it because I'd left my camera home.

Now the blog

My to do/have done list is unreasonable and I realise I do lots of things that gobble up time.
  • I woke at 6 and took the laptop to bed (don't be jealous Rick)
  • Wrote three articles
  • Caught up on emails business and personal
  • Caught up on news -- the world is still here more or less -- go on with day
  • Checked FB but with glance not indepth
  • Took shower
  • Realised no shampoo in shampoo bottle
  • Streaked to bedroom for security extra bottle. Glad No. 2 son no longer in house. Read his blog from Peru when I was checking emails etc.
  • Warm up in shower
  • Wash hair
  • Dry off
  • Dry hair into Mary Travers(of Peter, Paul and Mary fame for younger people) style. Doesn't make me sing any better although I'm humming Where have all the flowers gone.
  • Put on jeans
  • Too tight...okay that's it Rick...three pieces of chocolate after meals only. Less snacking. I love those jeans.
  • Send Rick list of healthy foods
  • Put on makeup in case George Clooney shows up asking for directions
  • Check out mountains from balcony...no mountains, rainy foggy.
  • Get email from accountant PHEW okay to cancel today's appt. Fri. will be fine.
  • Take blood pressure and anti esophagus attack medicine. Think I hate taking medicine. Think I'm glad these two exist.
  • Pick up clothes from last night
  • Pick up bag full of papers to throw away that I tripped over and scattered.
  • Make bed --remember how Japanese Chin Amadeus unmade bed after I made it every morning. Wished he were here to do same
  • Wish Munchkin were here to curl up on bed and purr.
  • Not sure how Amadeus and Munchkin would get along.
  • Wish Llara were here and rushing to work, although that has never happened.
  • Decide to stop wishing and be glad for the things that did exist and promise myself to enjoy the things that are now.
  • Make breakfast. DO NOT SPILL oatmeal.
  • Do spill tea leaves
  • Use Penguin timer and giggle.
  • Watch video Rick has sent me with his GD hair. Lovely good morning from him.(GD this has become a household term for bedhair but I know your hair later in the day is beautiful.)
  • Go back upstairs. It is now 8:53

To do list for rest of day
  • At least three looks at website for indepth analysis (major major project) for newsletter. About 60 of 300 are done.
  • Send out marketing on last newsletter
  • Send Publishers Weekly review of Murder in Insel Poel to all Delaware independent bookstores. Doing it alphabetically by state and hope it encourages them to add to their shelves. Delaware will be quick. A major project to hit all indpendent bookstores in US.
  • Finish newsletter articles and send to partner to mark up and edit
  • Work on Murder in Schwyz
  • Go to Marro for lunch at some point
  • Go to drugstore to pick up prescriptions
  • Go to post office to make sure my Swiss ballot is counted
  • Buy bananas
  • Watch Max Keiser
  • Work on taxes
  • Prepare forms for health insurance
  • Watch The Chase
  • STOP using this blog as an excuse not to get things done.

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