Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great service

Although I had the laser surgery to correct my vision at the same time my cataracts were removed, my vision was still not 100%.

However, the surgery did correct my eye sight to the point that I discovered a spot on the ceiling I hadn't seen for almost ten years. I could see to drive without risking hitting a person.

I still needed bifocals and I do love wearing large glasses so I took advantage of a special deal at Visilab where the percentage of reduction was your age. (sometimes it's good to be old).

The company sent me a survey. I rated the service, the personnel, the timing perfect or almost perfect.

However, the glasses aren't quite right and since I've had bifocals before and several weeks have gone by adjustment shouldn't be the reason. I told them that.

I was so impressed when I received an email today, inviting me into the store to find a solution.

Now that's good customer service when often the attitude is that the customer is there to service the business not the reverse.

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