Thursday, February 13, 2014

ATM tales

I went to the ATM machine at my bank. Because I was in a rush decided to use the outdoor machine.

Bad move.

The sun's reflection made the screen impossible to see. I pushed the return the card button.

Beep, beep, beep...

The signal the ATM had eaten my card.

Luckily inside, there was no line. The teller was young and probably a trainee. I explained. The conversation is a translation from the French.

Teller: You can pick up your card tomorrow.

Me: However, I need the money now.

Teller: Show me your identity card and I can give you another card that you can use one time to get your money.

Me: (not wanting to make another trip) I'm sorry, but it is not convenient for me to come back tomorrow.

Voice from office: Tell her to come back this afternoon.

Teller: We can have it this afternoon.

Me: Supposing I was leaving now and wouldn't be back for a month. That is not very good service.

Teller: (looks as if he's trying to be nice to annoying woman with bad French accent)

Me: The machine has eaten my card before, I came into the bank, and I had the card like this. (I snap my fingers).

Voice from the office: Have her wait.

Teller: Can you wait two minutes?

Me: Three, four or five if I can have my card. (said with a smile to not seem too bitchy)

I wait. The voice comes from the office. Very pretty, smiley blond in mid thirties.

The Voice: We'll get your card. May I see some identity.

Me: (I pull out my Swiss identity card).

Voice: We'll be right with you. (she leaves)

Within two minutes the Teller comes over with the keys he pulled from his desk and opens the back of the machine no more than five feet from his station. Meanwhile he's handled a very ugly dispositioned man.

Teller: May I see a piece of identity.

I happily show him. He gives me the card.

Me: I'm sorry you are having a rough day.

His smile is forced. As someone who has trained customer service people I suspect his mindset is not on helping people.

Being able to see the screen makes a withdrawal easy.

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