Thursday, February 06, 2014

Mountains, château, reserves et castors

After a lunch at the restaurant run by the handicapped and  after the sun had been in short supply the last few days it seemed only reasonable to take a short walk in the reserve when the sky was a brilliant blue. Even during the short walk the sun was slipping away, but it didn't matter.

Long ago there was a château complete with moat on this land. The château is long since gone.The wet land had been drained by Reuters and trails ran through the fields.

The mountains were out in all their snow-capped beauty albeit it far away. The air was caressing on our cheeks and birds were trying out for a local choral group.

Then we spied where trees had been chewed down. Beavers. Or in French Castors. J had been there earlier and noticed them as well.

On the short drive home we passed this sign. What we wanted to know was does this limit beavers to 60 miles an hour or 60 trees for their damns.

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