Saturday, February 22, 2014


School children in New York State will have their complete data stored in an agreement between New York and the Bill Gates Foundation and a private company.

This information will be available to companies and the officials claim it can be used by such companies as textbook publishers. Well true but only if the child's name and any other identifier is removed. As long as the name is on it children from kindergarten on have lost their right to privacy forever and ever and ever and ever.

Imagine a child 25 years now is turned down for a job because he threw an apple in second grade or had detention 3x in high school.

How about health issues that no longer affect the person such as childhood epilepsy that is no longer a problem and is turned down for a job.

How about if the government used that information to blackmail a child into joining the armed services and sent into a war zone...

The repercussions of this is horrifying.

My child as an adult is safe from this invasion of privacy, but what about your children or nieces and nephews in New York?

Other states are considering the same thing.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

If you send your kids to public school, you no longer have rights and your child's privacy... Ha.. Noting is for free!

Susanne said...

Very very scary - it's the creep creep of all this that is so worrying (although this is more of a massive leap). Will this really get through the constitutional checks and balances?