Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Penguin Golden Egg Award

I'm a nightmare to buy gifts for because I have so much already and that combined with my deliberate decision to live in small spaces that I want to be clutter free. This attitude means my friends are amazingly clever. That they bother at all, always moved me deeply.

Both my daughter and housemate have resorted to annual Christmas gifts of penguins and their imagination in ferreting out the unusual borders on miraculous. Today I will wear a sweater with a penguin on the back and I have penguin slippers, penguin salt and pepper shakers all from my darling daughter

However, my housemate's Christmas gift, found after Christmas has to take the Penguin Golden Egg award for being the best over the top penguin gift for the year 2013. 

It is a tea timer. 

Fresh leaves can be placed in the tea ball or a tea bag can be hung from the beak. The tea is dunked in water, the time is set.

Then rings, the beak comes up and the tea has brewed at exactly the desired time to exactly the right strength. 


The penguin bowling set to the right was the first penguin gift from my housemate. Now that the tea is brewed maybe the bowlers want a sip.

*Covers all house languages.

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