Sunday, February 09, 2014

Don't believe everything you hear, read, see

"Your train doesn't exist."

My husband emailed me from Argelès that he'd checked the train website and my 9:59 train which I was taking the next day to return to Argelès didn't show up on the website.

He sent me all alternatives.

One was 9:29 to Lyon. As long as I could get to Lyon I'd have many choices and could wend my way south.

My lovely housemate sacrificed her calm Sunday morning and we were at the train station at 8:15 in time for breakfast and a check with the ticket counter. The SNCF  office which sells, exchanges and cancels all French train tickets  closes on weekends.

"The 9:59 train is running," The ticket seller said, checking her website. "Do you have your ticket? Enough Euros?"

I thanked her and explained what Rick had discovered.

"The programming on that website isn't good," she said.

Breakfast finished, my housemate departed, I waited until a few minutes before the train and went up to the Quai. The train was there, people were getting on, and the controllers were standing outside the doors.

Then I heard the announcement in French. "The 9:59 from Geneva to Valence has been cancelled due to personnel problems."

I wasn't sure I understood it, nor did the French woman next to me. We asked the controller. Yes that was what the announcement said.

No, it wasn't true.

The train pulled out on the minute.

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