Monday, February 24, 2014


I spend a lot of time in cylinders being hurtled from one country to another. Sunday was back to Geneva in a cylinder. When Rick made the bed, he along with Herr Hare and Honey Bunny expressed their feelings about my departure.

A last look at Argelès from the train station.If you look smack dab in the middle peeking through the reeds Canigou in all its snowy magnificence,

There's a rule for French cylinders...if there's a tight change between trains, mine will be late and the other will leave on time. Thus I didn't want to trust the  18 min. change (of course this time it would have worked) so I caught an earlier train rather than risk missing my connection. I spent about 2 hours reading and people watching at Montpellier. They've just redone la gare and it is quite beautiful. Sadly, the cookie shop is closed on Sunday.

St. Paul's (a sandwich chain is in most train stations in France. They have a good selection, but down at one end of the station with salads and interesting drinks. I chose a bacon, lettuce and chicken sandwich on an interesting bread...and a Tyrell's hand cooked crisps with their jackets.

And soon I'll be on another cylinder for Italy and Malta... and then another and another and another.

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