Monday, February 17, 2014

I don't care

I don't care if I've renounced my American nationality. Part of my heart will always belong to Boston with its Salt and Pepper bridge (real name Longfellow). The nickname came from the defensive structures along the structure that look like salt and pepper shakers.

I loved living in a house similar to this and loved the brick sidewalks, gas lamps and the feeling of history. I loved the sounds of my addresses' names...The Riverway and even better Wigglesworth Street, named from an old Bostonian family. He was a dermatologist at Harvard Medical which was across the street. We'd give the address as "Don't laugh, Wigglesworth St."

More than one time we rode the swanboats. One wonderful day with my daughter, an artist sketched her making a caricature with her flute. I still have it.

In Mrs. Jones Kindergarden I was read Make Way for Ducklings, a book I've given to many a child since. I love the statue on the Common.

And even if Switzerland is beautiful in autumn it is nothing like New England's colours.

I love reading about my roots. Today in Team of Rivals about Lincoln, by Doris Sterns Goodwin he is quoted as saying after he gave a speech at the Temple located at the head of the Common and is quoted, "I went with hay seed in my hair to learn deportment in the most cultivated state in the Union." With its 50+ universities, there is a buzz in the city like no other.

When I renounced I thought maybe I would never be able to walk the streets I loved again. NY Senator Chuck Schurmer's bill to forbid those who did what I did to never, ever be allowed back in the States died in committee.

To be able to bank and live in my chosen new country was the price I knew I'd have to pay for exile. Maybe I won't ever go back although there's a chance I'll be there in September.

Boston, as well as my New England Yankee upbringing,  is part of my DNA, filled with the memories which made me the person I am today. It has given me strength.

People may leave one or another place physically but they take the memories with them.

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