Sunday, February 16, 2014

Special or non special

What is special?

Sometimes it's just the simple things that just make us smile...

For example:

At the marché a group of street musicians played reggae as their dog watched. I love their homemade instruments. The could call themselves, Music, Marché and Mutt.

Lunch was a chicken already roasted bought from one of the marché vendors. There was a moment of panic when we saw the brownie lady was missing, but her table had been moved. We chatted with a Swedish couple who live here. Hope we see them again.

Lydia, Barbara, Rosalie and I were scheduled to go to Lydia's for a girls' movie afternoon and popcorn. We had some imported popcorn from the States. Then Lydia realised that she didn't have a DVD player. In her defense she does watch DVDs on her computer, but the idea of the four of us huddled around the computer, caused a moment of panic on her part although we would have done it and laughed about it.

Rosalie to the rescue with her player and huge TV screen. The change of venue was not even a blip.

These three women are important in my life and have been friends for various time periods some for decades, some for years. It is just nice spending time with funny, intelligent women. But they can also be foul-weather as well as fair weather friends.

The movie was Last of the Blond Bombshells with Judy Dench, a made for TV movie in 2013 which won a Golden Globe. Definitely a Judy Dench week, having seen Philomena, earlier in the week. Dench, like Steep, is worth watching no matter what they do, like this you tube, where Streep reads recipes, traffic reports, and a wikipedia entry, sexy, as a woman in labour, or a teenage brat.

Back at home, a bit of work, watching The Voice (French) and then to a preheated bed.

Sometimes doing nothing special is very special in deed.

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