Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It costs how much??? Gasp

My mother wouldn't go to anyone's funeral, even her own. We followed his wishes and didn't have one.

However, she was very careful, a month, three months, six months after the death of someone to do something with or for the survivor. She said everyone is there immediately after, but then people return to their ordinary lives and forget that person who lost a loved one is still dealing with the pain.

There's a lot about my mother I would never copy, but this is something I've remembered and try and do.

Over a month ago, a lovely woman in the Valais lost her husband of over a half a century. Had I been in Switzerland I would have gone to the services. Even if I had gone, I'd have sent flowers today.

Thus I was at the Argelès florist today to place an order.

The owner brought up the choices on the internet. I saw a beautiful crown of cheerful yellow flowers, which I thought would be different. The price was 34 Euros plus a 17 for an international delivery.

He wrote up the order. I thought he wrote 34.00 but I was wrong.

The price of the flowers was 340 or US$467/CHF415.

He understood my shock. "It's big," he said holding out his arms.

I changed the order. I still found some pretty yellow flowers for a rational price.

The woman who the flowers are destined for doesn't read English nor does she know of this blog so she will never know that the flowers she will receive on Friday could have occupied an area bigger than any table she might have put them on.

Interesting that I found the exact floral arrangement on the internet to use the photo. However, the intrafloral sent me an email that I was on the site and hadn't completed an order. hmmmm a bit pushy and certainly if I wanted a two-way communication, I would have responded. I resent them coming back to me.


Ginger Dawn Harman said...

Wow, If I die before you just send money to the GWG.. Cripes, that is a lot!

DL NELSON said...

As much as I like the woman, I settled for something smaller, less expensive and more appropriate. YOu can't judge a floral arrangement by its photo. It looked so sweet and I thought a candle might look nice in the middle. Instead she could have put a dining room chair.