Sunday, February 02, 2014

More on hugs and a pat or two

A few days ago I wrote about hugs. In Switzerland and France the cheek kisses are used. Hugs are rare

Thus at the Geneva Writers Group Conference when I saw an American friend we hugged. PSJ standing behind her asked if he could have one, then someone else did and someone else, and then later someone else later said, "I saw you giving hugs, could I have one."

I remembered back to the Escalade when a woman who looked like I imagined my main heroine in my murder mysteries giving free hugs.

Hugs are good things.
I was wearing my red fuzzy sweater, which I bought at the marché for a whopping 10 Euros. It's warm and silky. Several people asked me if they could pat it.

I feel well patted and well hugged and also pleased at having spent the day with many writing friends.

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