Friday, June 05, 2015

Amazing Media Event

It wasn't just the champagne, the foix gras served by white-coated waiters or the soft, baby-blue carpet that made the rollout of Dassault's Falcon 5X so spectacular, although they helped.

It was probably one of the best media events I've ever attended and I've done many over the years and run a few events myself.

The pre-event information and the registration for the 500 guests were all perfect, although that should be the easy part.

Parts of the airplane were on display.

And although they did traditional photos, they also had photos that we spied through peepholes showing where different parts of the new plane were produced. Creativity of presentation.

Smoke and mirrors were enhanced by dancers who flew. The dancers also played with the graphics which moved from one screen to another across the hall.There is a wonderful video of the whole thing. Skip the blah, blah if you want. I'm even in it in the first row, the splotch of a red dress. Watch here.

And then came the moment the new plane was to appear led out by the men and women of Dassault.

The staff of Dassault should be congratulated in pulling off a perfect event.

The plane's first flight will be this summer.

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