Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mornings are the bestest.

Yes they are!

After years of rushing out to get to work, I still revel in not having to rush most morning.

We wake, read, chat, check emails, etc. One of us will get tea for both sometimes with a cookie. Eventually one of us will get up to take a shower, usually to find the other has put the other's towel and robe on the towel warmer.

The other, when the shower is finished warms our partner's towel and robe.

We each make our own breakfast unless it is Sunday. Then Rick does something special. Sometimes we head for our computers, sometimes we watch the news.

Then we are ready to start the day. It might still be early or it could be mid morning depending on when we woke.

Instead of alarms we are gentled into our days.

Yup, mornings are the bestest, but the afternoons and evenings are pretty good too.

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