Wednesday, June 24, 2015

To puppy or not to puppy

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For a long time Rick and I have been thinking about a puppy or a rescue dog. Our travel schedule has been a good reason for delaying the decision.

What kind has been bantered around: cocker, chin, mongrel, teacup poodle? We agree on small.

We almost cracked when we saw some puppies a few months back, but managed to escape without any furballs. They were none of the breeds above.

This week Ninni visited us. As Rick says she doesn't quite have the concept of chew toy. So sweet, so soft.It did help she piddled on the floor, not that I minded, but a reminder of the work of a puppy.

A couple of friends who also want a dog but travel said maybe we could share either a dog or take each others when travelling.

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Ginger Dawn Harman said...

We often think of getting a puppy also. However, we too like to travel and my son would only take car of it until the novelty would wear off. I am happy when he remembers to scoop the cat droppings. Anyways, what would Scobby think! I don't think he wants to become a chew toy!