Friday, June 26, 2015


My husband has spent most of the morning filling out his Fbar with the changes our accountant told us about it after more hours spent before being sent to the accountant.

Even though I'm NOT an American they now have my financial details. How many ways can I say "PISSED OFF"????? I don't have anything to hide but why should the US government know anything about my bank accounts?

Will China know after the next hacking too? Maybe I should send them to China directly. Why don't I send them to three or four other countries where I don't live and will never live just in case.

A great quote from another expat about having to pay US taxes although he doesn't and will never live there. "I'm tired of paying my fair share to a corrupt government where I don't live."

I understand. I pay taxes in two countries both of which have some level of corruption, which is the nature of governments. However, I live in those countries. I get services from those countries. I participate in those countries.

I wonder if perhaps we expats could find a whole bunch of corrupt governments that we have little or no connection with and offer to pay taxes there too?

On to happy things to find a frame for a wonderful wedding gift from our gifted painter friend.

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