Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I'm angry, frustrated and tired

I renounced my American nationality almost four years ago. I did it because my ability to bank and lead a normal financial life was threatened by the American bullying of world banks.

Although no fan of big banks, I can understand why they did not want American clientele if they were too face huge fines if they missed reporting (snitching) on an American and to be shut out of the international banking system.

However, twice in May I've been called on the carpet to once again prove I'm not American by two banks.

In January I was also targeted by a bank to prove I wasn't American.

I read the hardships that other American expats have such as called in mortgages, loss of jobs because they can't have signing authority, lack of investment opportunities, and realise filling out yet another form is better than what they are going through.

Still, I'm tired of it. I thought by giving up the curse of being American that would be enough. I'm frustrated that it is still going on. I'm angry, even though i know anger hurts me more than those who created FATCA.

Mostly I'm sad. sad that this is happening.


Anonymous said...

Probably won't help much, but at least I can say that you are not alone. I'm in this mess too. I just had to reject an illegal request for me to waive my privacy for the rest of my life and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, your place of birth will haunt you forever.

For myself, I asked if there was any way to have it removed from my non-US passport. The consulate was taken back by the request, but then I described that I was being discriminated against because of my country of birth/origin. They sympathized but there was nothing they could do. They were kind enough to XXXXXXXXXXX all references to me previously residing in the USA... as this too was causing a lot of issues.

Going forward we will all have to provide a passport and CLN at the same time. Make sure to keep many, many copies of your CLN is various locations.