Thursday, June 25, 2015

Guess what this is

Six of us were sitting at La Noisette. Shane, an Irishman pulled it out of a bag.

We all looked at it, not sure what we were seeing.

Then he demonstrated.

I tried it.

It is a head massager.

Remember when Sally in When Harry Met Sally did the fake orgasm? I almost reacted the same only it was involuntary and real.

By the time I opened my eyes. Rick had disappeared. He came back with one.

Wikipedia describes it this way. "The Orgasmatron is a manually operated head massage device made of partially flexible copper wires attached to a handle. The device has been specifically designed to gently massage the head and the back of the neck.

It is made by an Australian company of the same name. The device is sold in the United States under the name Happy's Head Trip.

The Orgasmatron was designed by Dwayne Lacey, who registered the design in 1998. According to The Guardian, the device induces "an eye-lash-fluttering state of bliss."

Bliss is the word.

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