Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Self investigation 1, 2, 3

Once upon a time there were three very active little boys (no ADDH). 

Investigation 1

One day as they were rough housing they knocked over their mom's favorite lamp.

It had belonged to their great grandmother. When the mother saw it, the oldest of the boys, John said, "Don't worry Mom, we'll investigate and will see what happened."

So they did and issued a report that a big wind had blown through the closed window and knocked over the lamp.

They had lots of stats about wind power and even showed from weather.com that there were high winds that day. Of course, they had cut off the part that said "High winds of 84K/H 90% chance" and it was for Mexico City and the prediction was for the next week.

Their mother was very happy.

Investigation 2

The next week the mother had baked cookies for a charity event. The boys came home from school and divided them all up between themselves.

When the mother discovered they were gone, she asked the boys.

John said, "Don't worry Mom, we'll investigate and will see what happened." They got very busy with their computers, especially Photoshop.

Two days later they presented a five page report about how the dog next door had undone the screen, climbed through and eaten all the cookies. "He even forgot to put one screw back," Nathan, the middle boy said holding out his dirty hand with one screw from the screen. He walked to the window. "See it fits." His mother didn't notice that the screw was from the inside not the out and was pleased with the report.

Investigation 3

The mother was called to the grade school. Her three sons had been accused of locking several first graders in a shed, drilling a hole in the roof and dropping feces on them. "Don't worry Mom, we'll investigate and will see what happened."

The report said that it was the first graders fault. They had insulted her and so to protect her and teach them a lesson they locked them in a shed and threw shit on them to show them that they couldn't say shitty things about their mother.

The mother smiled and was happy she had such good sons who could monitor themselves so well.

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