Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chiens à là Marché

Why not photograph the many dogs that go to the marché, we asked. We couldn't find a reason not to. Added a dimension to the day after breakfast at La Noisette where V-Duc is a regular at La Noisette was taken by his owner for us. This morning we found him outside the door. Since we weren't feeding him, he ignored us and the local flic.

Please, please, please let some croissant fall. Or even a bit of egg or or or anything, please.

This dog just wanted to walk on. His master was more interested in the shop window.

The world of a marché can seem like just feet and ankles to a small dog. Some may have preferred to stay home.

Let's take a rest and watch the shoppers go by.

A ten-week Jack Russell had to share puppy kisses. Puppy breath is wonderful.

This dog, which my daughter would describe as a seed for a real dog, dressed up for the marché.

This dog had a bandaged foot but marched along nicely with his owner who was in a wheel chair.

This boxer thinks he is just another flower.

And he earns money for his master by being extra cute.

And I must ask V-Duc's owner if he posed for this t-shirt.

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