Monday, June 29, 2015

Disappearing cows and safety.

I do not use Google for searches except for images.

I went to because they claim they don't keep any information. Therefore reporting my information to government agencies has to be limited.

When I tried to go on Swisscow a few days ago there was a new logo.

Was it safe, I wondered.

I went to their about section.

" is the safe alternative is the efficient alternative for anyone who attaches great importance to data integrity and the protection of privacy. Contrary to search engines, users at don’t leave any tracks. even does without countless analyses of their visitors. Their topics, IP addresses and personal information, are not stored or used for any additional business. All the servers are located in Switzerland and neither the US nor other data snoopers can get their hands on this information."

I may miss the cute cow but I know I have an alternative to snoopy search engines.

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