Thursday, June 18, 2015

Clinic entertainment

I was in a clinic waiting for a blood test. Watching this little girl and her big sister (not shown) were better than any movie.

First the younger taunted the older until the big sister couldn't stand it and pushed her down. The child started to cry. I couldn't see any tears, and I bet there were none.

The older girl pretended to help her sister. 

The mother wasn't fooled or at least wasn't partially fooled and the older sister was sentenced to a chair sit.

Despite being told not to take the barriers down, the child continued. 

The older girl reacted.

The mother sent the older girl outside the glass doors (in France kids are allowed to be outside without parents around).

I'm sure the little one thought "victory" as she stuck her tongue out at her sister who could see through the door.

Sadly, I was called for the blood test and never learned the outcome of the mini-drama which I'm sure is enacted in hundreds of ways every day.

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