Monday, June 15, 2015

Taking water for granted

This fountain was once the source of water for the houses surrounding it here in Argelès-sur-mer. We used it that way too when we arrived one Good Friday to find our water had been shut off. 

Somehow the automatic payment hadn't work and the offices to pay the bill wouldn't be open until after Easter Monday. As soon as we paid the bill, our water was turned on, and we no longer lugged the pail from house to fountain, fountain to house.

Today, as I walked by the fountain, a neighbor was sitting on one of the benches reading his newspaper.

He told me that even last year, there was a Greek woman who had come to the area as a child, walking all the way during WWII who didn't have running water in her house and would come out and fill her pail and carry it back into the house.

He also told me how the Germans had invaded her home and had killed her sister.

We sometimes forget when we put on the dishwasher, washing machine or even flush the toilet we are not that far away from a life that something as simple as turning on the tap, was far more difficult.

And even if we are not living where a soldier may invade our home and kill someone we love there are too many places in the world where it can happen just as some women have to walk miles with water jugs on their head for basic cooking and washing needs.

We take things for granted that for others are miracles. Tonight when I turn on my tap to get a glass of water for my bedside, I will be grateful I don't have to find a fountain, well or stream.


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