Thursday, June 04, 2015

Having faith in directions

"Walk down that way about 100 yards to see an incredible motorcycle," Rick said as he pumped gas for our next leg of the journey to Andorra.

Wondering why, I did without saying or asking anything. Neither of us are particularly interested in cycles.

I discovered one of the most interesting bikes/trikes I've ever seen.

The man was polishing it with the same love he would use if he were in bed with the most desirable woman of the in the world.

"May I take a photo?" I asked in French.

"Bien sûr," he said. "Avec moi?"

My turn to say "Bien sûr."

We chatted. He's had motor cycles for 42 years and he loves them, although I could have guessed that. 

Twelve years ago he had an accident. He pulled up his pant leg to show me a really, really ugly scar.

It was then he went from being a biker to a triker. A metal plate said he was a member of Fédération Trikers de France, which was formed in 2011 from a group of other road rider enthusiasts. They have a Facebook page and a song on youtube.

We chatted a few minutes more. I left him polishing to return to the car. Rick was paying for the gas. What I would have missed if I just hadn't wandered those hundred yards. And the surprise would have been less had Rick told me more.

I hope the man has many happy years on the road.

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