Friday, June 05, 2015

Golf because it isn't raining

We were disappointed that it was sunny. So much for writing all day. Rick suggested golf as compensation.

  • Forced to take lessons as kid when I would have rather watched Saturday morning cartoons.
  • When we played as a family my father would get frustrated because, depending on the season, I would be collecting pollywogs in the jar I'd brought or in the woods picking berries.
  • As an adult I played in the late 80s, but not seriously. In fact playing all sports never interested me when I could be home reading.
  • Passionate throughout high school
  • Played as a semi pro and pro
  • Decided on his university based on the golf team
  • Still plays when he can. I kiss him goodbye and love hearing about it when he comes home.

There's a nine-hole course near our flat in Andorra. Rick had wanted to buy me a club. That would be a total waste of money, but why not go out in the sun rather than stay at home and moan the lack of rain. I could use his clubs.

It was fun. I did a hit a couple of shots that if my old golf teacher Tex McReynolds was looking down from the Great Golf Course in the Sky would think that all his nagging paid off, although I suspect that the good shots had more to do with Rick's great coaching today.

And we brought the animals to make sure we weren't taking ourselves too seriously.

Being out in the fresh air with the mountains, brook and trees were around was wonderful.

With luck, tomorrow it will rain. I'd hate to waste the entire holiday.

Rick is posting a dueling blog at

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