Monday, June 08, 2015



No wifi thanks to a thunderstorm.

As we headed for a wifi search the bunnies begged to go saying the other animals had had adventures while they sat at home.

We agreed. Thus they admired a cow, thought it was a Romantic not a Roamnic bridge, which they later climbed. Herr Hare had to help Honey. We were worried they'd fall into the rapids, and they went to their first Andorran supermarket. In fact it was there first supermarket ever.

Meanwhile two towns over we were able to get on line at a cafe where we had lunch and chatted with an adorable Portuguese waitress.

Tonight, we are on an alternate wifi which fades in and out. If it isn't okay by tomorrow, we'll head back to Argelès.

Despite the sun and the wifi problems, it still has been a great few days

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Maria said...

The Pyrenees are beautiful, with sun and without. But thunderstorms and WiFi don't mix.